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Wan`der*oo"\, n. [Cingalese wanderu a monkey.] (Zo["o]l.)

A large monkey
(Macacus silenus) native of Malabar. It is black, or nearly so, but has a long white
or gray beard encircling the face.


Information about the Wanderoo monkey:

Life span
Lion-tailed macaques have a lifespan of 38 years.

Body length: 40-61cm, Tail length: 24-38cm, Weight: Male 5-10kg, Female 3-6kg.

Physical description
Lion-tailed macaques have a long, brown-grey mane around the face. They have a
black body and black tail, with a slight tuft of hair on the tip.

Lion-tailed macaques live in south-western India.

They inhabit evergreen, broadleaf forest in hilly country, up to 1500m.

They feed on leaves, roots, sprouts, nuts, fruit and invertebrates.

Lion-tailed macaques live in variable groups, sometimes with just one male and
many females, or there may be two males and many females. This species has
overlapping territories and troops may temporarily split into sub groups. Lion-tailed
macaques are active during the day. They spend the majority of their time in the
trees, and are cautious when on the ground.

After a gestation period of 162-186 days, females give birth to 1 young, which
weighs about 450g at birth.

Conservation status
Lion-tailed macaques are classified as Endangered by the IUCN Red List. They are
considered to be the most endangered monkey, with only 400 individuals left in
the wild. They are hunted for their flesh and fur.

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